Saturday, December 4, 2010

For the last two weeks of class

Hi All. Monday is an optional work day. I will not be in, so it's up to you. That said, I know you all have a lot to do for all your classes, including mine, so I know you'll be busy either way.

Tuesday!! We WILL have class on Tuesday the 7th at our usual times. We will continue to go over the work on your final project.

3010: Your exam day is Friday, December 10th from 8 - 11:00 am. Here is what is expected of you:
1) The last final five project mounted and ready for critique
2) Your color boards (2-3)
3) A CD of your final five projects to date. (.jpgs and .pdf are preferred - let me know if you don't have access to burn a CD and we'll work out a different delivery system)
4) Any of your reworked final five projects (grades will be reassessed accordingly).
5) Optional: Extra Credit project - children's activity page - the concentration here is on line quality.
Note: Feel free to bring cookies and such if you like.

3050: Your exam day is Wednesday, December 15th from 8 - 11:00 am. Here is what is expected of you:
1) The last final five project mounted and ready for critique
2) A CD of your final five projects to date. (.jpgs and .pdf are preferred - let me know if you don't have access to burn a CD and we'll work out a different delivery system.) Please number them in order!!!
3) Any of your reworked final five projects (grades will be reassessed accordingly).
4) Optional: Extra Credit project - color boards (2-3), and/or a presentation of eyes (mounted).
Note: Feel free to bring cookies and such if you like.

Links: Liz, thought you'd get a kick out of the cupcake ornament. An entire series is available through modcloth.
Thought y'all would get a kick out of THIS - it's a poster made up of business cards of the fictional characters who attended the parties in THE GREAT GATSBY. Great idea.
Ryan, the illustrator who likes to paint meat is Mark Ryden - specifically at his website.
Lally, some illustrators who do great little cities are:
Colin Thompson
Mathieu Leyssenne
Sergey Tyukanov
Matt Gazer and
Olivier Derouetteau.

Haley - you gotta see this 12 Days of Christmas pop-up at The 2010 PNC Christmas Price Index.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

For Friday, December 3rd

The 4th of the Final Five will be due first thing - mounted on black board. After critiques we'll go over the plan for your final project. Keep in mind the extra credit projects available for each class as well as the Color Boards required for 3010.

Preview for next week:
Monday the 6th will be a work day. Work is required, but class attendance is optional. We will have class Tuesday the 7th at our regular times.
3010 Final exam is Friday the 10th, 8:00 am to 11:00 am (3 hours).
3050 Final exam is Wednesday the 15th, 8:00 am to 11:00 am (3 hours).
We will use the three hours to critique the final project, color boards and extra credit projects. Feel free to bring cookies and such if you like.

Stephen and Haley: The Heads of State (Illustrator site - great book covers and posters)

Guys - two of you shared great links today in class - a color wheel and Charlotte, that illustrator? Please share!

Monday, November 29, 2010

For Wednesday, December 1st

For both classes - we'll continue to work on the fourth of our Final Five projects (which will be due, mounted, first thing Friday).

Links we discussed:
Caroline - here's Modcloth.
Lally - along the line of collage/scrap-booking - this is great: Inspired Ideas. Here's a blog template site especially for scrap-bookers: Scrappin' Blogs and The Cutest Blog on the Block.

Don't forget to be working on your extra credit projects!

Friday, November 19, 2010

For Monday, November 29th

I hope everybody has a GREAT Thanksgiving. Personally, I'm thankful for all of you and all the great effort you've been putting into your work in class!

Your next due date will be Friday, December 3rd - the 4th project in your Final Five.

It's a Link-fest for your Thanksgiving Feast! Add your own in the comments.
World building CGI (for Sue) - here are some great portfolios within the CGSociety website:
Dmitry Dubinsky
Daniel Lieske
Matt Gaser
Matt Ellis
Olivier Derouetteau
Michael Dashow
Pene Menn
David Lesperance
Kentaro Kanamoto
Ognian Bonev
Lubos de Gerardo Surzin
Fco. De Borja (you have to look around, there's no good portfolio for him unfortunately.)
Mathieu Leyssenne

City for Kirby and Ryan: Barry Jackson

Stephen - a great post on book cover designs at

Lally: The Cutest Site on the Block; The Greeting Farm (I'll find more...)

Stephen and Alex (?): Flatstock - yes?

Bora, I'm still looking for that Salvadore Dali sculpture - please post a link if you find it!

And some more fun links just because I adore their work:
Bobby Chiu
Brandon Dorman
Brain Despain
Colin Thompson
Color!!! Charlotte - I think you'll like this guy... Richard Johnson

And for dessert:
Queen of the Falls by Chris Van Allsburg

There are more good videos in the sidebar if you go view this on YouTube.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For Friday, November 19th

For both classes - Your 3rd Final Five project will be due, mounted, first thing Friday. We'll critique and then discuss project 4.

Note: There is no class next week for Thanksgiving Break (stop crying).

Liz and Lauren shared some cool links today: Liz especially liked "Bird cage" although the site is chock full of some great work.
Cargo Collective. Lauren especially liked the 'Featured Websites.'

I'd like to add two more: 36 Pages by Craig Fraiser - Stephen, Alex, and Drue - heck, I think all of you will like this site.
   I know I mention marketing guru Seth Godin a lot. His advice today is good: Embracing the upcycle instead of the downcycle. He talks about your response to failure. For some, it creates a pattern/spiral of more failure, while others dig in their heels and failure propels them to try harder towards bigger things. Which are you? Which do you choose to be?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For Wednesday, November 17th

We'll all continue to work on the 3rd of our Final Five projects (they will be due first thing Friday).

Here are some links we talked about: (For those who will be graduating soon, it's a good idea to get on their mailing list to receive discounts for postcards, etc.) - some of you have come up with some great designs that might be of interest there.
RIPT (Rest in Peace T's) - similar to Threadless - they make designs available for one day.

Zach - Mr. Murawski thought you'd be interested in the work of airbrush master, Charlie White III.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For Friday, November 12th and Monday, November 15th

Hi Guys,
Friday is a a work day (I'll be speaking in Savannah), so please take attendance - you are required to come to class. (And goodness knows you have enough to keep you busy!) Mounted finals for the second of your Final Five projects will be due first thing Monday. That said, the week for project three may feel shorter, so it is up to you if you want to get started on it on Friday. (Flex day, project-wise.)

Charlotte - Sorry it took so long to figure out the illustrator of those great alphabets was Jozef Sumichrast. Here are some of his alphabets:
Cyrillic Alphabet (scroll down)
The English Alphabet
Similar inspiration:
Thomas Knauer's Way Cool Kid
Animal Alphabet by Arts et Metiers Graphiques
Basketball Font
Alphabet by Eika Dopludo - scroll down to see the whole thing. (Sam - you gotta scroll down on this one to the second image!)

Ryan - here are some cut paper artist that might inspire you...
Susan Swan
Robin Brickman
Jeff Nishinaka
Clive Stevens

Monday, November 8, 2010

For Wednesday, November 10th

Same thing - keep plugging on the 2nd of your final five projects!

Note: ALL final five projects will need to be scanned as .jpgs and saved on a CD to be turned in on exam day - this is required for ALL students.

Here's the blog post about Problems and Constraints by Seth Godin - pretty much defines design.

Richard - Here is a video on Lane Smith's method on PRINCESS HYACINTH. Here is a quote from Lane Smith:
"A lot of reviewers have misidentified my technique as airbrush or dyes or even egg tempera. .. Actually, my work is rendered in oil paints."      - Visit and scroll down to read the entire description.

Friday, November 5, 2010

For Monday, November 8th

For both classes - you should be well into the second project of our Final Five. Keep in mind, I will not be here Friday, so the final presentation will be Monday the 15th when all work should be mounted and presented first thing.

You can also be working on your extra credit projects to present on exam day.

Betsy and All - You know you wanted to see this: Fisheye lens dog photos.

Ryan - I found the wood-cut artist - Gustave Doré, here he did a shipwreck.

Stephen and Drue...

Note to me: Remind everybody I will need digital files of all completed artwork!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For Friday, November 5th

For both classes - the first of your final five is due first thing Friday - mounted to black board. Click the link above for exact specifications for each class.

3010 - You now have an extra credit assignment added to the Final Five page above. Here's the children's book illustrator I mentioned when talking about the level of rendering I'd like you to shoot for: Chris Van Allsburg.

Ryan, I'm having a hard time finding the painting I spoke to you about, but these have some interesting points to them: Cutty Sark on the Wool Run and The Mayflower at Sea. Both have the viewer down low, below the horizon line. The foreground is very much in our face (and somewhat shadowed as the viewer is intended to be looking at the boat in the background).

Monday, November 1, 2010

For Wednesday, November 3rd

     For both classes - your first mounted piece is due first thing Friday!!!! Lots to do! Make sure you have all your necessary supplies for Wednesday. Now would be the time to break out the better papers and supplies.
     Stephen - It was Keith Haring!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

For Monday, November 1st

For both classes - we'll be thick into working on the first project in our Final Five. For those who missed Wednesday - we'll go through ALL your work to figure out what those finals will be. Be prepared to dive in and WORK!!! Hope everybody has a great Halloween!

Monday, October 25, 2010

For Wednesday, October 26th

For Both Classes: Be sure to bring in all your projects Wednesday so we can pick out your final five! (Check the new link above for details.)

3010 - You'll turn in your Macy's Day Parade artwork Wednesday after critique, then we'll talk individually about your final five.
     Here's the illustrator we talked about, Peter Sis, especially the cover for Madlenka.
     Also remember to be gathering your Color Boards project - 2 to 3 collaged layouts of your personal color palette colors.

3050 - You'll turn in your Texas Snake Roundup project after critique, then we'll talk individually about your final five.

Friday, October 22, 2010

For Monday, October 25th

Empty Wine bottleHi Guys! In drawing we were talking about going ahead and purchasing "" and sitting on it if you need to, if an actual website is still far off in your future. Grabbing your domain while you can is a good idea in today's web marketing environment. I asked Mr. Webb if he had a favorite place to buy domains and he said he likes I don't believe this is a hosting company - but purely a domain purchasing site.

To both classes - Gather all your projects for this semester together and bring them to class on Wednesday. We'll decide which projects will become your "Final Five" for the semester!
3010 - Monday we'll go over your Macy's Day parade (from above) images. You were already showing good progress today so I'm excited to see what you do. Remember - you are the stage director. Plan your lighting consciously! You'll turn your finals in first thing Wednesday.
     I've posted the image of a wine bottle which reflects the light source as both a hard shape and also as a gradient - as we discussed in class.
Per Copyright: Ryan and all - here is a site with copyright free images you can use on blogs, etc. without worry: Wikimedia Commons. Along that line, I've also posted the link to my own copyright guidelines (click the Angel). You should click through on the "Orphan Works" link as that is especially relevant to the topic we discussed. Also, here are YouTube's Terms - #6 especially pertains to our discussion. By posting a video on YouTube, you are promising it is yours to share, and that you are giving users permission to share through YouTube's embed function. Vimeo doesn't offer an embed feature (if I remember correctly), so you have to link to a video on their site (I think).

3050 - Monday we'll go over your "Texas State Fair: Rattlesnake Round-up" t-shirt and do more work on them. They'll be due first thing Wednesday.
     Bianka - here's the link to Mingei World Arts. They carry a lot of Day of the Dead items.

Monday, October 18, 2010

For Friday, October 22

REMINDER: I will not be here Wednesday, so please keep an attendance list and we'll go over TWO projects on Friday.

3010 - Wednesday, take your ornament to a final level of rendering and begin diving into the new project... The Macy's Day Parade, from above! I'll want to see both projects on Friday.

3050 - Wednesday, take your licensed product line to that next level. Make sure it's an idea that could potentially go viral or pull a customer into a store. Make it something unexpected, ironic, clever. If you've already done that, take it to a presentation level.
     Also, start on our new project: "Texas State Fair: Rattlesnake Round-up" t-shirt design. If you'd like to mix it up a bit, you can pick a different state or critter, but keep in mind this will be a t-shirt design. We'll go over both projects on Friday.
     Here is Stephen's link: - "Flaunt."
     Sue - here's Scoutmob and "What's up with all the 'staches'".

Note: I should be smacked for how many times I said 'think outside the box' today, but to give you incentive - here's a video of a town that is trying to pull in tourist revenue by advertising in a highly inventive way...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For Monday, October 18th

Note! I will be gone Friday, so please keep an attendance list as you are expected to come to class. I'll expect to see lots of progress by Monday, but know you guys will wow my socks off! (p.s. - Just because I love his work - check out Travis Louie.)

3010 - Ornament: Combine shape and surface design to create seasonal ornaments. Check out some of the links below for 3050 as I think they may help inspire you guys too. You may deal with the individual ornaments or a layout/design of ornaments - here's some inspiration. Here's the charity I told you about, Robert's Snow. Y'all are adding some great links in the comments, so check them out. Here's another:

3050 - Licensed product line - choose a theme, logo, or pattern and create a family of related products around it. For instance - a party line applied to cups, napkins, tablecloths, hats, ties, whatever! Here are some sites for inspiration:, zazzle,,, tobasco, Bulldog merchandise, Crate and Barrel kids, etc. Here are some illustrators making their living with licensed products: Joy Allen, Jenny B. Harris. Trade show for licensed products: Surtex, National Stationary Show. A good agent who represents licensing artists, Cruise Creative.

Monday, October 11, 2010

For Wednesday, October 13th

3010 - Hi Guys, Wednesday we'll go over and turn in your final illustration for our "Doughboy" project before moving on to our next one. Really put some time into that last draft. Remember, it takes me five days on average to render an illustration. I'm fairly certain you can take your illustrations further!
     And look up Maxfield Parrish if you didn't have a chance to look at the book in the classroom. He was a master of light and how it affected the colors in shadows and such. Also, to the right is the cover of the picture book I kept talking about - Snowmen at Night, illustrated by Mark Buehner. Another up and coming illustrator who plays with light well is Brandon Dorman.

3050 - Love, love, love what I'm seeing so far guys! Wednesday, I'll need to see your final iteration of "Infestation" as well as your selected illustrator. We'll also start a new project.
     Sue, here's the illustrator I was telling you about, Brian Froud. But y'all check out the illustrators in 3010's notes too. There are some good ones! See you Wednesday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For Friday, October 8

Reminder: Friday will be a work day - you are all expected to attend class as usual. Somebody please set-up a roll as last time, and everybody sign in. I'll be back on Monday.
     A few of you mentioned some good print sources while we were in the gallery - could you please add the links in the comments section?

3010 - We started our new project named "Doughboy." You all seemed to have a good handle on the goal. Create a drawing of something inherently good, evil or benign and make it its opposite (or assign it's mood) via lighting and color. Obviously shading will play a BIG role in this project, so choose your light direction carefully and draw well! Since you'll have a full day without feedback on Friday, I'll hope to see some highly developed images on Monday. Feel free to use any media you choose. (If you were absent, please be sure to read "Illuminating Color.")

3050 - We also started a new project - "Infestation." A few of you were overlapping on themes - that's okay. I'll want to see an illustrator you would hire for the project and highly developed images for Monday. Remember, in crowd scenes, pay specific attention to coincidence of line, making sure shapes are still readable and the image is easily decipherable for the viewer - tricky to do with a busy composition. Hence, the challenge.

Have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday! Here are some smiles to get you through (in case you haven't found this site yet): Cute Overload.

Monday, October 4, 2010

For Wednesday, October 6

3010 - Good progress today guys! For Wednesday I want to see your chosen elements, your faves from all you've created, rendered fully. They will be images you could potentially use as a website/blog 1) header, 2) background pattern, 3) border, 4) content/line break icon, and if you like - a favicon (that funny little square at the beginning of URL addresses). If you have several designs that you'd like to see together, do more than one grouping! And please don't make us search them out on pages with images you're not as crazy about - cut them out as separate elements. We'll go over these first thing, turn them in, then move on to our next project.
     As a reminder, here is the pattern building method at Design Sponge.

3050 - Awesome, awesome progress guys! For Wednesday I want to see your completed ideas of how your products fit together for a potential point-of-purchase display header. I don't want to see the whole display, just your drawing. Remember the title of your product and the products themselves will be the stars here, and I want to see them rendered well.
     We'll go over these first thing, turn everything in, then move on to our next project.
     Sue, here's the Shel Silverstein video I told you about:

     I mentioned Garth Williams today - one of my all time fave illustrators. They're actually auctioning off some of his original sketches right now at the Heritage Auction Galleries - gorgeous stuff!

     NOTE: Friday I'll be out of town, talking at Auburn, so it will be a work day. (Everybody will have new projects on which to concentrate.) You will be expected to attend class and sign a roll.
     Also - my show is up in the Graphics gallery space and will be through October. Hope you'll stop by and have a look!

Friday, October 1, 2010

For Monday, October 4

3010 - Once we got rolling, I loved seeing what all of you were coming up with today - and all individual too. Can't wait to see what you share on Monday! Remember, I'd rather see the separate elements than have you placing them in a website/blog layout. Work on keeping your lines and shapes clean if you're going for those big bold shapes. Cave painting type images would, of course, be much looser. And experiment with mixing media like I showed you.
     Along the lines of the Wave of Kanagawa (to the right), a modern illustrator who used shapes in a strong way is Guy Billout.

     Vasilisa - Here's the illustrator I was telling you about, Bernie Fuchs. He was famous for leaving sepia areas with implied information (like the eyes on your Great Gatsby project).

3050 - Once again, great progress guys. I hope you got some good ideas from the videos we watched. Remember the line DNA: Design, Nature, Art! For Monday I'd like to see more fleshed out (sorry!) ideas. Keep in mind that more developed ideas need to be more fully rendered - concentrate on line quality and shading. If you were to present them to a design group, they'd need to fully relay your idea.
     I also want to see print outs of an illustrator you would hire for the project.
     We briefly talked about the sculptor, Henry Moore.
Stephen - Please go have a look at the New York Times Op-ed video under "videos."

Thursday, September 30, 2010

For Friday, October 1st

ARGD 3010 - We are embarking on a new project! Our premise is "Cultural Roots: how indigenous art uses shape and line to create iconic images." For Friday I mostly want to see you sketching and playing with various treatments, designs, cultural art, and your interpretations of it, as well as print outs of your inspiration and research.
     For Monday we will explore how what we create could be applied to a website or blog design in three ways: 1) A header including your name; 2) a background pattern (we will study how to do that at Design Sponge); 3) a border treatment or content break design. (You can also use a design as a small favicon - the image some sites have at the beginning of their url.) None of this will actually make it to a computer - we're still exploring. Through our drawings and applications we will examine ancient influences and how they can apply to our modern world.
     Here are some links to get your wheels turning: Ancient Art; indigenous art; Ancient Cultures; History of Tattoos; Cave Paintings of Lascaux; Ancient Web; Virtual Egyptian Museum; hex signs; folk art. (More leads are under "comments.")

ARGD 3050 - It was so fun to see your updated Prada ads - good job everybody! And we're already well into our new project: "Halloween Soda Flavors & Can Images: think of a name and an image to go with it." I was already loving the creativity you were all showing and look forward to seeing your designs on Friday.
     Did you know: there is an odd Soda shop that prides itself on carrying obscure brands called Galco's Soda Pop Stop.
     Along with your drawings, please bring in a print out of another illustrator you would hire for the project. (I didn't say this in class, so Monday will be fine if you don't have time.)

Monday, September 27, 2010

For Wednesday, September 29

ARGD 3010 - We'll look at one more iteration of our "Book Title" project. Several of you were given specific directions to go and I'll be looking for that. Please make a point of "drawing" your final attempts here - I'd like to see some actual rendering for this next round.
     Also, please bring in some reference material of indigenous cultural art for our next project, which I will introduce on Wednesday after our "Book Title" critiques. It can range from Australian to Inuit - indigenous cultures cover the globe.
     Ryan, were you going to bring in work by a particular illustrator you mentioned the other day?
     Lauren - here's a cover image of the book I was telling you about - the roots you mentioned could work like this...
     Caroline, Blogger seems to be glitchy today. Please try to post your comment again.
     Charlotte, I'll be looking for print out examples of alphabets by Seymour Chwast. If you can't find them online, they will probably be in some of the illustration annuals in the reference library (one of his pages in hard copy will be fine).

ARGD 3050 - I loved seeing you guys enjoy all the media we played with today!
     As promised, your extra credit assignment has been added to the syllabus.
     Wednesday we'll go over your next iteration of the Prada ad - with color if you got that far.
     We'll also introduce our new project: "Halloween Soda Flavors & Cans (can be bottles or juice boxes or whatever)." This is a brand new product design so think of a name/flavor/image/product/marketing direction.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For Monday, September 27

Hi Guys, Friday I'll be speaking in North Carolina, so it will be a work day for you. Please go to class and sign an attendance list. Absences will count against you. There's lots to do, so think of it as creative time. Meanwhile...

ARGD 3010 - Monday you'll present your work for "Book Title: consider the relationship between drawing and letter forms." Haley found a great link chocked full of inspiration at There was also a good write-up on Young Adult book covers recently at Shelf Awareness. The online thesaurus I mentioned is called RhymeZone. (I use this all the time.)
     These are all good influences, but come up with your own ideas. I look forward to seeing what you create! And keep collecting your color swatches.

ARGD 3050 - Monday you'll present your work on "Good and Evil: Shoe designs for a Prada advertising campaign. Remember to also present 1-3 print outs of work from an illustrator you would hire for the project. (Feel free to use some of the links in the sidebar as starting points.)
     Not only am I looking forward to seeing what you come up with, I want to thank you all for really stepping up (ha!) on the assignment from Monday. I was amazed by your progress and thought you all presented some fantastic and creative ideas.
     Does a teacher proud, must say.
UPDATE! For Monday - bring in your art supplies. Different kinds of paper, different kinds of color (pastels, markers, colored pencils, whatever) - all dry media for now. And bring some Q-tips. Don't buy anything new - just bring what you can easily carry - I'll have supplies too. We're going to experiment.

P.S. - Y'all go ahead and follow this blog - lower left sidebar. Start creating your own community here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For Wednesday, September 21st

ARGD 3010 - Wednesday we will do a run through of basic drawing techniques. Be sure to bring your ebony or 6B pencil (and a pencil sharpener). You may also bring a pad of newsprint or some other inexpensive paper if you'd like. Homework will be assigned: "Book Title: Consider the relationship between drawing and letter forms" - due Monday.

ARGD 3050 - We will talk more about design, career options, and how to best position yourself to prepare for your intended markets after college. Ongoing - you are working on "Good and Evil: shoe designs for a Prada advertising campaign" - due Monday.

For both classes - I will not be here Friday so it will be a work day. You ARE expected to attend class as usual, a roll will be signed. You may work on your assignments during that time period and research your intended fields. If you find any particular links or points of interest, feel free to share them in the comments here.

First Day Assignments

Hi Guys,
I enjoyed my first day of teaching and getting to meet you all. A few things were mentioned I wanted to follow up on. In 3050 we talked about the "Dueling Banjo Pigs" blog. Illustrators often get together to participate in funny and sometimes serious projects online. Another interesting joint venture was the recent fund raiser for the Gulf, called ripple. Joining in the community of illustrators through sites like these is a great way to build support and network in your chosen field.

ARGD 3010 - I assigned a new project which will run through the semester - we'll call them "Color Boards." Start collecting swatches, fabric, buttons, whatever, to create 2 to 3 collages of colors you are drawn to. Each page should be about one color. We're trying to define your personal color palettes. This will be presented in conjunction with your final project at the end of the semester.

ARGD 3050 - I assigned homework for the semester. You must spend 30 minutes a week in either the computer room or resource library researching online illustrator sites. I have several links on this blog which you can use as starting points. You may also use this homework time to select an illustrator you would hire for each of your drawing assignments. Bring in 2 to 3 printed art samples of the illustrator you've chosen to present during our critiques each week.

These new assignments are also listed on your class pages in red.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to UGAzeens!

     My name is Ms. Dulemba. I am a children's book author/illustrator and former graduate from the Graphic Design program at UGA. I will fill in for Professor Murawski for the rest of the semester. I do have several dates of conflict where I will not be able to meet you in person, so I will post your lessons and reference links here as work day assignments so we can stay on track.
     Meanwhile, if you have any questions you may email me at elizabeth at dulemba dot com. You may also learn more about me by visiting my website at
     I look forward to working with everybody!

Schedule - Week of:
September 20th:  Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, work day
September 27th:  Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, class
October 4th:    Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, work day
October 11th:    Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, work day
October 18th:    Monday, class - Wednesday, work day - Friday, class
October 25th:    Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, Fall Break
November 1st:   Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, class
November 8th:   Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, work day
November 15th:   Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, class
November 22nd:   Thanksgiving holiday
November 29th:   Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, class
December 6th:   Monday, class(??)
December 13th:  Finals