Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For Friday, November 19th

For both classes - Your 3rd Final Five project will be due, mounted, first thing Friday. We'll critique and then discuss project 4.

Note: There is no class next week for Thanksgiving Break (stop crying).

Liz and Lauren shared some cool links today: Liz especially liked "Bird cage" although the site is chock full of some great work.
Cargo Collective. Lauren especially liked the 'Featured Websites.'

I'd like to add two more: 36 Pages by Craig Fraiser - Stephen, Alex, and Drue - heck, I think all of you will like this site.
   I know I mention marketing guru Seth Godin a lot. His advice today is good: Embracing the upcycle instead of the downcycle. He talks about your response to failure. For some, it creates a pattern/spiral of more failure, while others dig in their heels and failure propels them to try harder towards bigger things. Which are you? Which do you choose to be?

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