Thursday, September 30, 2010

For Friday, October 1st

ARGD 3010 - We are embarking on a new project! Our premise is "Cultural Roots: how indigenous art uses shape and line to create iconic images." For Friday I mostly want to see you sketching and playing with various treatments, designs, cultural art, and your interpretations of it, as well as print outs of your inspiration and research.
     For Monday we will explore how what we create could be applied to a website or blog design in three ways: 1) A header including your name; 2) a background pattern (we will study how to do that at Design Sponge); 3) a border treatment or content break design. (You can also use a design as a small favicon - the image some sites have at the beginning of their url.) None of this will actually make it to a computer - we're still exploring. Through our drawings and applications we will examine ancient influences and how they can apply to our modern world.
     Here are some links to get your wheels turning: Ancient Art; indigenous art; Ancient Cultures; History of Tattoos; Cave Paintings of Lascaux; Ancient Web; Virtual Egyptian Museum; hex signs; folk art. (More leads are under "comments.")

ARGD 3050 - It was so fun to see your updated Prada ads - good job everybody! And we're already well into our new project: "Halloween Soda Flavors & Can Images: think of a name and an image to go with it." I was already loving the creativity you were all showing and look forward to seeing your designs on Friday.
     Did you know: there is an odd Soda shop that prides itself on carrying obscure brands called Galco's Soda Pop Stop.
     Along with your drawings, please bring in a print out of another illustrator you would hire for the project. (I didn't say this in class, so Monday will be fine if you don't have time.)

Monday, September 27, 2010

For Wednesday, September 29

ARGD 3010 - We'll look at one more iteration of our "Book Title" project. Several of you were given specific directions to go and I'll be looking for that. Please make a point of "drawing" your final attempts here - I'd like to see some actual rendering for this next round.
     Also, please bring in some reference material of indigenous cultural art for our next project, which I will introduce on Wednesday after our "Book Title" critiques. It can range from Australian to Inuit - indigenous cultures cover the globe.
     Ryan, were you going to bring in work by a particular illustrator you mentioned the other day?
     Lauren - here's a cover image of the book I was telling you about - the roots you mentioned could work like this...
     Caroline, Blogger seems to be glitchy today. Please try to post your comment again.
     Charlotte, I'll be looking for print out examples of alphabets by Seymour Chwast. If you can't find them online, they will probably be in some of the illustration annuals in the reference library (one of his pages in hard copy will be fine).

ARGD 3050 - I loved seeing you guys enjoy all the media we played with today!
     As promised, your extra credit assignment has been added to the syllabus.
     Wednesday we'll go over your next iteration of the Prada ad - with color if you got that far.
     We'll also introduce our new project: "Halloween Soda Flavors & Cans (can be bottles or juice boxes or whatever)." This is a brand new product design so think of a name/flavor/image/product/marketing direction.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For Monday, September 27

Hi Guys, Friday I'll be speaking in North Carolina, so it will be a work day for you. Please go to class and sign an attendance list. Absences will count against you. There's lots to do, so think of it as creative time. Meanwhile...

ARGD 3010 - Monday you'll present your work for "Book Title: consider the relationship between drawing and letter forms." Haley found a great link chocked full of inspiration at There was also a good write-up on Young Adult book covers recently at Shelf Awareness. The online thesaurus I mentioned is called RhymeZone. (I use this all the time.)
     These are all good influences, but come up with your own ideas. I look forward to seeing what you create! And keep collecting your color swatches.

ARGD 3050 - Monday you'll present your work on "Good and Evil: Shoe designs for a Prada advertising campaign. Remember to also present 1-3 print outs of work from an illustrator you would hire for the project. (Feel free to use some of the links in the sidebar as starting points.)
     Not only am I looking forward to seeing what you come up with, I want to thank you all for really stepping up (ha!) on the assignment from Monday. I was amazed by your progress and thought you all presented some fantastic and creative ideas.
     Does a teacher proud, must say.
UPDATE! For Monday - bring in your art supplies. Different kinds of paper, different kinds of color (pastels, markers, colored pencils, whatever) - all dry media for now. And bring some Q-tips. Don't buy anything new - just bring what you can easily carry - I'll have supplies too. We're going to experiment.

P.S. - Y'all go ahead and follow this blog - lower left sidebar. Start creating your own community here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

For Wednesday, September 21st

ARGD 3010 - Wednesday we will do a run through of basic drawing techniques. Be sure to bring your ebony or 6B pencil (and a pencil sharpener). You may also bring a pad of newsprint or some other inexpensive paper if you'd like. Homework will be assigned: "Book Title: Consider the relationship between drawing and letter forms" - due Monday.

ARGD 3050 - We will talk more about design, career options, and how to best position yourself to prepare for your intended markets after college. Ongoing - you are working on "Good and Evil: shoe designs for a Prada advertising campaign" - due Monday.

For both classes - I will not be here Friday so it will be a work day. You ARE expected to attend class as usual, a roll will be signed. You may work on your assignments during that time period and research your intended fields. If you find any particular links or points of interest, feel free to share them in the comments here.

First Day Assignments

Hi Guys,
I enjoyed my first day of teaching and getting to meet you all. A few things were mentioned I wanted to follow up on. In 3050 we talked about the "Dueling Banjo Pigs" blog. Illustrators often get together to participate in funny and sometimes serious projects online. Another interesting joint venture was the recent fund raiser for the Gulf, called ripple. Joining in the community of illustrators through sites like these is a great way to build support and network in your chosen field.

ARGD 3010 - I assigned a new project which will run through the semester - we'll call them "Color Boards." Start collecting swatches, fabric, buttons, whatever, to create 2 to 3 collages of colors you are drawn to. Each page should be about one color. We're trying to define your personal color palettes. This will be presented in conjunction with your final project at the end of the semester.

ARGD 3050 - I assigned homework for the semester. You must spend 30 minutes a week in either the computer room or resource library researching online illustrator sites. I have several links on this blog which you can use as starting points. You may also use this homework time to select an illustrator you would hire for each of your drawing assignments. Bring in 2 to 3 printed art samples of the illustrator you've chosen to present during our critiques each week.

These new assignments are also listed on your class pages in red.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome to UGAzeens!

     My name is Ms. Dulemba. I am a children's book author/illustrator and former graduate from the Graphic Design program at UGA. I will fill in for Professor Murawski for the rest of the semester. I do have several dates of conflict where I will not be able to meet you in person, so I will post your lessons and reference links here as work day assignments so we can stay on track.
     Meanwhile, if you have any questions you may email me at elizabeth at dulemba dot com. You may also learn more about me by visiting my website at
     I look forward to working with everybody!

Schedule - Week of:
September 20th:  Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, work day
September 27th:  Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, class
October 4th:    Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, work day
October 11th:    Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, work day
October 18th:    Monday, class - Wednesday, work day - Friday, class
October 25th:    Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, Fall Break
November 1st:   Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, class
November 8th:   Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, work day
November 15th:   Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, class
November 22nd:   Thanksgiving holiday
November 29th:   Monday, class - Wednesday, class - Friday, class
December 6th:   Monday, class(??)
December 13th:  Finals