Monday, November 29, 2010

For Wednesday, December 1st

For both classes - we'll continue to work on the fourth of our Final Five projects (which will be due, mounted, first thing Friday).

Links we discussed:
Caroline - here's Modcloth.
Lally - along the line of collage/scrap-booking - this is great: Inspired Ideas. Here's a blog template site especially for scrap-bookers: Scrappin' Blogs and The Cutest Blog on the Block.

Don't forget to be working on your extra credit projects!

Friday, November 19, 2010

For Monday, November 29th

I hope everybody has a GREAT Thanksgiving. Personally, I'm thankful for all of you and all the great effort you've been putting into your work in class!

Your next due date will be Friday, December 3rd - the 4th project in your Final Five.

It's a Link-fest for your Thanksgiving Feast! Add your own in the comments.
World building CGI (for Sue) - here are some great portfolios within the CGSociety website:
Dmitry Dubinsky
Daniel Lieske
Matt Gaser
Matt Ellis
Olivier Derouetteau
Michael Dashow
Pene Menn
David Lesperance
Kentaro Kanamoto
Ognian Bonev
Lubos de Gerardo Surzin
Fco. De Borja (you have to look around, there's no good portfolio for him unfortunately.)
Mathieu Leyssenne

City for Kirby and Ryan: Barry Jackson

Stephen - a great post on book cover designs at

Lally: The Cutest Site on the Block; The Greeting Farm (I'll find more...)

Stephen and Alex (?): Flatstock - yes?

Bora, I'm still looking for that Salvadore Dali sculpture - please post a link if you find it!

And some more fun links just because I adore their work:
Bobby Chiu
Brandon Dorman
Brain Despain
Colin Thompson
Color!!! Charlotte - I think you'll like this guy... Richard Johnson

And for dessert:
Queen of the Falls by Chris Van Allsburg

There are more good videos in the sidebar if you go view this on YouTube.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

For Friday, November 19th

For both classes - Your 3rd Final Five project will be due, mounted, first thing Friday. We'll critique and then discuss project 4.

Note: There is no class next week for Thanksgiving Break (stop crying).

Liz and Lauren shared some cool links today: Liz especially liked "Bird cage" although the site is chock full of some great work.
Cargo Collective. Lauren especially liked the 'Featured Websites.'

I'd like to add two more: 36 Pages by Craig Fraiser - Stephen, Alex, and Drue - heck, I think all of you will like this site.
   I know I mention marketing guru Seth Godin a lot. His advice today is good: Embracing the upcycle instead of the downcycle. He talks about your response to failure. For some, it creates a pattern/spiral of more failure, while others dig in their heels and failure propels them to try harder towards bigger things. Which are you? Which do you choose to be?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For Wednesday, November 17th

We'll all continue to work on the 3rd of our Final Five projects (they will be due first thing Friday).

Here are some links we talked about: (For those who will be graduating soon, it's a good idea to get on their mailing list to receive discounts for postcards, etc.) - some of you have come up with some great designs that might be of interest there.
RIPT (Rest in Peace T's) - similar to Threadless - they make designs available for one day.

Zach - Mr. Murawski thought you'd be interested in the work of airbrush master, Charlie White III.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For Friday, November 12th and Monday, November 15th

Hi Guys,
Friday is a a work day (I'll be speaking in Savannah), so please take attendance - you are required to come to class. (And goodness knows you have enough to keep you busy!) Mounted finals for the second of your Final Five projects will be due first thing Monday. That said, the week for project three may feel shorter, so it is up to you if you want to get started on it on Friday. (Flex day, project-wise.)

Charlotte - Sorry it took so long to figure out the illustrator of those great alphabets was Jozef Sumichrast. Here are some of his alphabets:
Cyrillic Alphabet (scroll down)
The English Alphabet
Similar inspiration:
Thomas Knauer's Way Cool Kid
Animal Alphabet by Arts et Metiers Graphiques
Basketball Font
Alphabet by Eika Dopludo - scroll down to see the whole thing. (Sam - you gotta scroll down on this one to the second image!)

Ryan - here are some cut paper artist that might inspire you...
Susan Swan
Robin Brickman
Jeff Nishinaka
Clive Stevens

Monday, November 8, 2010

For Wednesday, November 10th

Same thing - keep plugging on the 2nd of your final five projects!

Note: ALL final five projects will need to be scanned as .jpgs and saved on a CD to be turned in on exam day - this is required for ALL students.

Here's the blog post about Problems and Constraints by Seth Godin - pretty much defines design.

Richard - Here is a video on Lane Smith's method on PRINCESS HYACINTH. Here is a quote from Lane Smith:
"A lot of reviewers have misidentified my technique as airbrush or dyes or even egg tempera. .. Actually, my work is rendered in oil paints."      - Visit and scroll down to read the entire description.

Friday, November 5, 2010

For Monday, November 8th

For both classes - you should be well into the second project of our Final Five. Keep in mind, I will not be here Friday, so the final presentation will be Monday the 15th when all work should be mounted and presented first thing.

You can also be working on your extra credit projects to present on exam day.

Betsy and All - You know you wanted to see this: Fisheye lens dog photos.

Ryan - I found the wood-cut artist - Gustave Doré, here he did a shipwreck.

Stephen and Drue...

Note to me: Remind everybody I will need digital files of all completed artwork!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For Friday, November 5th

For both classes - the first of your final five is due first thing Friday - mounted to black board. Click the link above for exact specifications for each class.

3010 - You now have an extra credit assignment added to the Final Five page above. Here's the children's book illustrator I mentioned when talking about the level of rendering I'd like you to shoot for: Chris Van Allsburg.

Ryan, I'm having a hard time finding the painting I spoke to you about, but these have some interesting points to them: Cutty Sark on the Wool Run and The Mayflower at Sea. Both have the viewer down low, below the horizon line. The foreground is very much in our face (and somewhat shadowed as the viewer is intended to be looking at the boat in the background).

Monday, November 1, 2010

For Wednesday, November 3rd

     For both classes - your first mounted piece is due first thing Friday!!!! Lots to do! Make sure you have all your necessary supplies for Wednesday. Now would be the time to break out the better papers and supplies.
     Stephen - It was Keith Haring!!!