Final Five

     Each Friday (starting November 5th) you'll turn in one or two tightly finished drawings for your Final Five. The 5th project will be turned in on exam day. The order of your projects will be your favorite piece first, your second favorite piece last, the middle three mixed. For some of the 3010 students, we'll go in the order of projects which will best help you grow as a creator.
     Note: While final grades for these projects will not be given until the end of the semester, you will be judged on your progress along the way. Each Friday deadline, I expect to see some impressive, completed work - mounted. You may, however, continue to improve a project until the end of the semester if you like, and re-present it on exam day - mounted.

Note: ALL final five projects will need to be scanned as .jpgs and saved on a CD to be turned in on exam day - this is required for ALL students.

3010 - The art size is variable but should be mounted using cold mount on black board with a 2" border. No originals - printed copies only. Also - your color boards will be due on exam day.
Extra Credit: Turn one of your art pieces into a child's activity page - either a black line coloring page, a connect the dots or a maze. It will also need to be mounted and will be given a grade which will determine how much extra credit you get. Turn it in on exam day.

3050 - The final presentation needs to be either one or two pieces on 8 1/2"x11" vertical or horizontal paper, or double page spread - 11"x17" mounted using cold mount on black board with a 2" border. No originals - printed copies only.

Due Dates:
November 5, 12, 19 and December 3 + exam day. I believe your exam dates are:
3010 - Friday, December 10th, 8-11:00 am (3 hours).
3050 - Wednesday, December 15, 8-11:00 am (3 hours).
Feel free to bring snacks if you like!

Color Boards (required in 3010 - extra credit in 3050):
Collect swatches, fabric, buttons, whatever, to create 2 to 3 collages of colors you are drawn to. Each page should be about one color. We're trying to define your personal color palettes. This will be presented in conjunction with your final project at the end of the semester during exams.